September 5, 2011

Feast of Blades: Recover the fallen

FOB and RM40k
Hello from the Junkie,
My name is James, aka “The 40k Junkie” and on behalf of Rocky Mountain 40k, I will be hosting the doubles tournament at Feast of Blades. Duke and I have talked extensively about Feast of Blades and its direction. To make our convention a bit different, the doubles tournament will be promote a relaxed atmosphere with a goal to raise money for charity. To that fact Feast of Blades has become an official supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

The missions will be kept simple with deployments found in the basic rule book and modified slightly for theme. Scoring will be determined based on the battle point modifier system.

Sure it’s for charity, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give out some awesome prizes to our winners. The categories are as follows: Best Overall, Best General, Best Painted, Best Team Spirit, and Best Giver(yes you can just buy one an award, but given the cause we felt it was ok.) 

There will also be prizes handed out during the rounds for accomplishments achieved during a mission. Some examples are: “Lose over 50% of your models and still win the mission, first one to explode a vehicle by rolling 6 to hit/6 to pen/6 for a result. The complete list of these accomplishments will be revealed in the events final packet.

Asset gathering/ Fund Raising:
What’s this? Have you ever wished you could reroll that critical dice at that critical time? Well now for a nominal fee you can. In the asset gathering phase your team will be able to purchase from a variety of special bonus to be used during your games. After your games you can share a cold drink with your opponents via the “Beer” asset, redeemable for one beer at the Bar. Clearly you have to be 21 to DRINK this asset, but not to buy. Why are we offering this potentially confusing new gimmick? Well, I’m glad you asked. 100% of all money raised from assets will go to increase our overall donation to the WWP. But wait are you concerned about some guy spending all that money to make his list unbeatable? well the answer is two fold. First, its for charity and the solider walking again will be grateful beyond words. Second, there are going to be offensive and defensive assets.

Each team will consist of two players with two armies. Each army will be 100% completely independent of the other. (i.e. no sharing of special rules what so ever. Debuffs with the same name do not stack between teams and opponents. More to come in the FAQ)
Each army will have the minimum of 1 HQ, 1 Troops and a max of 1,000 points to spend in the FoC. The armies will be sharing their teams’ FoC. (i.e.: 2/3/6/3/3, and yes Space Wolves players still benefit from their HQ bonus for their army only.) (again more to come in the FAQ)

We are selling tickets for $50 per team, and up to 100% of the entry fees will be added to our total donation. If you cannot participate in the event and still want to support us please visit our Wounded Warrior Donation page and send money directly to them. Follow this link to that site Follow me here.

Thank you:
This event has really special meaning to me and I can tell you from personal experience that this organization deserves as much support as possible. Please come by and show that support at the Con, and once again if you cannot make the event then donate online via the link above.

James the 40k Junkie

May 19, 2011

Spartan Updates w/ List

After significant mind numbing debate I have come up with my first potential Spartan list, thank you to those who helped in the brain storming process. The list is based around my vision for how the Spartans should play. Things like no transports. Wait- what did he just say? Yeppers, no Vehicles. This is in part because I already have a ton of vehicles from Razorwolves and part because I want to field the Spartans... well spartan. ;)

May 13, 2011

40k RTT @ Bonnie Brae Hobbies (1850)

So I have a tournament this Saturday at a local store. It's not my favorite level at 1850, but I cannot miss the chance to play in a tournament.

Here is list A:

(x2) 7 Grey Hunters (Mark of the Wulfen; Meltagun; Rhino)
(x3) 5 Grey Hunters (Flamer; Razorback w/ Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

Wolf Guard Pack (Razorback w/ Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)
      2 Wolf Guard (Bolt Pistol; Power Weapon) 1 Wolf Guard (Combi-Meltagun; Power Fist)

Wolf Guard Pack (3 Wolf Guard in Razorback w/ Lascannon and TL Plasmagun)

Njal Stormcaller

8 Grey Hunters (Mark of the Wulfen; Wolf Standard; Meltagun; Rhino)

(x3) 5 Long Fangs (Missile Launcher x4)

Total Roster Cost: 1848

5 Las/ Plas razorbacks with 3 rear scoring units. 3 units of Long Fangs to make up some fire support lost by dropping 3 razorbacks. 3 flexible Wolf Guard to go in the scoring units or in the Long Fangs as needed. 1 Suto CC squad but really meant to deliver Njal to mid-field so he can screw with people on his 3+ null and powers. I crammed two support squads to follow him and help contest.

List B and C to follow.

April 3, 2011

Project Spartan

The inspiration

I have had on my project list for awhile to complete a Spartan 300 themed army and since Grey Knights seem to fit real well points cost wise I have started my dabblings.

April 2, 2011

Junkie's Grey Knights review Pt 1

Firstly let me say that this is my first review, so commenter's be gentle. I don't believe in reviewing "Armies" in a vacuum, I do think it is very important to scrutinize each unit for its possibilities and synergies. What follows will be my attempt at an in depth review of the Grey Knight codex.